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The Best Photo Matboards

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Photo Matboards from Discount Mat Cutting  Are the Best Quality Photo Matboards in the Industry.

I ordered 30 photo matboards, they are beautiful and you can't beat the price for the mats, backing and really nice bags. So much better then Michaels.

- Kristin G.

Discount Mat Cutting provides photos matboards in a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, and durability levels perfect for mounting your photos. Here are some considerations when matching your photo to a photo matboard:

  • Photo Matboard Color, Matboard Core Color, Photo Matboard Plies and Finish
  • Photo Matboard Size and Thickness
  • Photo Matboard Material Longevity

Aesthetically, the colors, including the color of the "core" -- or middle -- of the photo matboard, along with the finish, are the most important criteria when choosing a photo matboard. Depending on the subject of the photo and the interior design choice of the room, you may choose a mat color that provides a subtle contrast that does not distract from the photo, or a bold color to accent the room itself. Opt for an double-ply mat to allow for extra choices in complementary colors. Even the color of the core itself provides a kind of accent to the photo or frame.

Photo Matboard Size and Thickness

The thickness of photo matboards complements the "heaviness" of the subject of a photo. Oftentimes, a thicker matboard appears to be more professional or finished. Similarly, a narrower matboard border looks insubstantial and less valuable, whereas a wider border looks more elegant or even exciting, since it draws the viewer into the photo. Of course, choosing a thicker, wider photo matboard to avoid a "cheap" only works up to a point and can be over done!

Photo Matboard Longevity

If you have a particularly valuable or cherished photo, you need a photo matboard that can pass the test of time. When it comes to photo matboards, the acidity of the base materials has the greatest effect on the longevity of the matboard and the photo itself. Highly acidic paper can damage the photo and can become discolored over time.

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